September 30, 2016

It’s the Pictures That Got Small . . .

    I remember once reading that filmmaker Kevin Smith, when asked about the proliferation of content on mobile devices,  claimed that he really didn’t care about what apparatus he viewed content on, as long as he LIKED the content.   I also remember being very skeptical that . .  a) he truly felt this way and b) all …more

September 21, 2016

Brand Monitoring: Sometimes it Pays to Listen . . .

  Brand marketing communication makes up a big chunk of social media content. A REALLY big chunk. At least, it sure seems so when you follow and like as many brands as I do. With each passing month, more and more brands seem to escalate their marketing communication efforts on a variety of platforms.  On …more

September 13, 2016

A Couple of Things I’ve Learned From Being Away From the Office

  I’ve been out on my own as a freelancer and away from an office environment for a little while now –long enough to reflect back on the substantial difference between how I THOUGHT things would be vs. how I’ve FOUND things to be.      If there’s been one common thread, one undeniable conclusion to …more

August 25, 2016

Breaking Through the Clutter with What Really Works

  It’s probably because Google, Facebook and (maybe) LinkedIn are tracking my every move that I get a TON of online marketing thrown my way focusing on driving traffic, encouraging signups, increasing engagement, etc.   I get intrigued by the possibility of some new revolutionary method or kernel of wisdom, click through and then the (re-marketing) …more

August 16, 2016

Competing for the Gold (. . in the consumer Olympics, anyway.)

  It’s hard to believe now, after a few years of decidedly mediocre showings, but there was a time when the Super Bowl really WAS the ultimate battleground for consumer brands to duke it out  . . . not necessarily for quantifiable results, but to simply get the most AWESOME commercial out there.   The objective …more